The Wall In The North

A "cabin-sized castle" for Bart & Michelle Niedner.
Coming to Pike County, MO in 2020.

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Rev. 02 February 2019

The Project
We are in the Design Development phase, exploring SIPs, LiteDeck and other options. We used SketchUp 2018 for Conceptual Design and have migrated into Rhino 6 for more accurate Design Development.

02 December 2018
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Here are a few images and a video from the 3D models. The Flamingo renderer was used in Rhino and V-Ray was used in Sketchup.

24 February 2019
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Day/Night Studies
Here are five juxtapositions showing day/night views. The day-images are late morning on June 21ST These were produced with Rhino & Flamingo.

04 March 2019

Cabinets & Appliances
Flat paneled cabinets including paneled appliances providing seamless integration with "box" material.

24 February 2019
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Color Pallet
Earthy. Classic. Timeless.

02 December 2018
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Timelapse Light Studies
One of the best things about SketchUp is the ability to quickly produce light studies. Here are six solstice animations.

25 February 2019

Early Design Development Video
SketchUp is quick and fun, but it certainly is herky-jerky and fussy when generating a camera path. Nonetheless, the video was very helpful for design development exploration.

22 November 2018